Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" Body And Muscles - Also Pictures of The Rock Body Through His Career

Being a football player, professional wrestler and action movie star, Dwayne Johnson, who we all know as "The Rock", maintained a body of amazing muscular structure from a very early point in his life.

Making the transition from footballer to wrestler, then wrestler to movie star all required The Rock to appropriately adjust his body to be in the right shape for his occupation.

On making the transition from footballer to wrestler, The Rock cut down some of his much big size. He cut down some additional pounds for his first movie roles, but regained a lot of size recently.

Presently, the Rock is at a massive size that an ordinary person do not need to get at, for obvious reasons.

The Rock's body and muscles plays a profound role in his career, he is not just an ordinary guy building muscle to improve his fitness and appearance like most of us. The Rock's muscles and body is a serious asset for the work that he do.

Besides that, big is part of The Rock's genetics - he is 6'4", has a big frame size and is clearly a naturally muscular man. Therefore, average muscle mass for the Rock is suppose to be a lot of muscles. Yet, in my opinion his muscles is not extremely swollen and bloated like some other professional bodybuilders.

Also, The Rock is always changing up his routine to get the best shape and look for whatever role he is playing. At any time he can switch his goal to build up or cut down muscle in order to fulfill his ever changing career demands.

So unless you are planning to join the WWE or star in a movie like Pain & Gain (new movie with The Rock and Mark Wahlberg where they play bodybuilders) and have a height over 6'3" you should just watch and admire The Rock's big muscular physique.

A sensible approach to building muscle is to aim for a body that suits your lifestyle and interest - the lean athletic body with average muscle mass is what is appropriate for most guys who are not professional bodybuilders.

However, if your goal is to add mass to make your muscles stand out some more, you may want to use Rusty Moore's strategy to add muscle in the right body parts and lose fat effectively to get at a low level of body fat to look amazingly defined.

When Did The Rock Start Building Muscle?

While many Hollywood actors started seriously building muscle to prepare for film roles, the Rock was already in incredible shape long before he got into acting, even before becoming a wrestler.

It's reported that the Rock did his first lifting in a gym at the age of just 13. He played football in college, and he came from a family of buffed wrestlers. His grand dad and father were both wrestlers in their days, as well other members of his family. So Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, had wrestling in his genes, and so was the ability to gain muscle mass effectively.

When the Rock joined wrestling, a decisions he made after getting cut out of football, he was very big and heavy at 280 pounds. The Rock wanted to be lighter and move more effectively in the ring, as a result, he cut down to get to 260 lbs with a workout that targeted one body part per workout session.

The Rock continued the following years to work on keeping up the best shape that was most suitable for him in the ring to execute his wrestling tactics properly.

Dwayne Johnson The Rock Movie Roles And His Body Today

Rock has gone through some quite dramatic body changes during his movie career. He was at a smaller size when he acted in his first set of films such as The Scorpion King and The Run Down. Now, the Rock is more huge with a load of  muscles.

This year 2013, we'll see The Rock flaunting his massive size in his recent films: Pain And Gain, GI Joe: Retaliation and The Fast And The Furious Six.

More Pictures Of The Rock Body Through His Career

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